The Birth and Baptism of Ewa Gołaś – 1859

Ewa Gołaś, daughter of Wojciech Gołaś and Anna Marus, was born on 07 December 1859 in Borkowo, Kolno Powiat, Łomża Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland.  She was baptized on 08 December 1859 in the parish church in Mały Płock, Kolno Powiat, Łomża Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland.

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Ewa Gołaś – 1859

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Ewa Gołaś – 1859

SOURCE:  Parafia pw. Znalezienia Krzyża Św. (Mały Płock, Kolno Powiat, Łomża Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland), “ Akta urodzeń 1852-1862 [Records of Births 1852-1862],” page 223, entry 296, Ewa Gołaś, 08 December 1859; filmed as Księgi metrykalne, 1771-1863; FHL INTL microfilm 0,948,383.

Click on the image above to view a higher resolution image. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Ewa Gołaś. Translated from the Polish, the record reads:

296 Borkowo

This happened in the village of Mały Płock on the twenty-sixth day of November / eighth day of December in the year one-thousand eight-hundred fifty-nine at the hour of one in the afternoon.  There appeared Wojciech Gołaś, a peasant farmer residing in Borkowo Gietki, twenty-three years of age, in the presence of Franciszek Kordal, forty years of age, together with Franciszek Paliwoda, sixty years of age, both peasant farmers residing in Borkowo, and he showed Us a child of the female sex, stating that she was born in Borkowo yesterday at the hour of three in the morning of himself and his wife Anna née Marus, twenty-two years of age.  To this child at Holy Baptism performed on this day by the Reverend Lutostański was given the name Ewa, and her Godparents were the afore-mentioned Franciszek Kordal and Elżbieta Gołaś.  This document was read aloud to the declarant and witnesses and was signed by Us.  The declarant and witnesses do not know how to write.

[signed] The R[everend] Franciszek Sakowicz, Pastor of Mały Płock, maintaining the records of the civil state

The scribe made an error in the place of residence of the father.  He stated in the text that the father resided in Gietki, but noted in the margin “Borkowo, and word underscored” to indicate that the correct place of residence was Borkowo, not Gietki.

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