The Grave of Ozite Gamache Patenaude

Yesterday, I mentioned that information on the gravestone of Ozite Gamache Patenaude was useful in finding her birth and baptismal record. Ozite was buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Waterford, Saratoga County, New York.

Gravestone of Ozite Gamache Patenaude

The Gravestone of Ozite Gamache Patenaude

SOURCE: Ozite Gamache Patenaude grave marker, St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Section Unknown (Waterford, Saratoga Co.), New York, photographed by Stephen J. Danko, 10 Sep 2005.

St. Joseph’s Cemetery is a Roman Catholic Parish Cemetery located at 40 Middletown Road, Waterford, Saratoga County, New York. Although the cemetery is in Saratoga County, the parish to which it belongs is in Albany County: St. Joseph’s Church, 65 Congress Street, Cohoes, Albany County, New York.

The gravestone is seriously weathered and difficult to read. In another generation, the incription might be totally obliterated. As best as I can tell the inscription reads:

Ozite [Gamache?]
Epouse de
Decede [?]
19 Mai 1889
Agee de [?] ans

Translated from the French, the inscription states:

Ozite [Gamache?]
Wife of
Died [?]
19 May 1889
Age [?] years

My cousins Helen and Chris tried to obtain additional information on the burials in this small cemetery from the caretaker, but he was not able to help them.

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