The Marriage of Charles Gédéon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache – 1862

I’ve published the birth and baptismal records for all the children of Charles Gédéon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache. Working backward in time, the parents were married in 1862. Their marriage is recorded as record M.13 in the records of the Parish of St. Bernard, Lacolle, St. Jean County, Canada East, in 1862.

The Marriage Record of Gedeon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache - 1862

The Marriage Record of Charles Gédéon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache -1862

SOURCE: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Québec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Marriage Record of Gédéon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache, Parish of St. Bernard, Lacolle, St. Jean Co., Canada East, 1862. Front of Folio 17, M.13.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of Charles Gédéon Patenaude and Osithe Gamache -1862. Translated from the French, the record states:

M.13. [Marriage #13]
Gédéon Patenaude
Osithe Gamache

 On the twenty-fourth of June, one thousand eight hundred sixty two, after the publication of three banns of marriage, made at the homilies of our parish masses, and at the homilies of the parish masses of St. Valentin and St. Cyprien, [two or three words?] by the certificates from Misters G. Lesage, priest of St. Valentin and F. Morrison, priest of St. Cyprien, on the date of the twenty-third of the current month, over three consecutive holy days, between Gédéon Patenaude of St. Valentin, of legal age, son of François Patenaude, farmer, and Marguerite Cognac of the first part, and Osithe Gamache of this parish, of legal age, daughter of François Gamache, farmer, and the deceased Osithe Martin of St. Cyprien of the second part; not finding any impediment to said marriage and [one word?] relatives, we, the undersigned priest of this parish, have received their mutual consent of marriage and have given them the nuptial benediction in the presence of François Gamache, father of the bride, and of François Patenaude, father of the groom, and of several others who declared they were not able to sign, the bride and groom signed with us.

Gédéon Patenaude
Ozite Gamache
F. Rochette, priest

This record was the first marriage record I’ve ever translated from French, and it took a while for me to get through it. There were a few words I couldn’t decipher; but, overall, I think I did a pretty good job on it, especially considering that I’ve never studied French. Comments and corrections are welcome!

This record provides several important pieces of information:

  • The date and place of marriage
  • The parishes in which the bride and groom resided prior to marriage
  • The names of the parents of the bride and groom
  • The facts that the bride’s mother was deceased at the time of the marriage and all other parents were still alive
  • The facts that the bride and groom were of legal age at the time of marriage

This one document is quite a gold mine of information!

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  1. Christopher Lather says:

    You’ve done a great job, especially since you’ve never studied French! I’ve attempted to translate this before, but I had some problems, especially making out words. I was able to find the important facts from it. The marriage records are pretty long and so they take some time and effort to translate completely. Luckly most of them follow the same format.

  2. Hi Chris,
    You’re right about these records following the same format. the same is true for records in other countries. Over long periods of time one can see these records evolve, though. Older records generally include less information than do newer records. Still, for those of us who aren’t fluent in the language in which the records are written, the consistency of the records is most welcome!

  3. Robert "Bob" Normandin says:

    Great info, Hormidas Normandin was my great-grand father, his son Earl Normandin was my grandfather.

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