The Alien Passenger Manifest of Joseph Dymek – 1921

Joseph [Józef] Dymek, son of Józef Dymek and Bronisława Gołaś arrived in the United States at New York on 16 February 1921 aboard the S.S. President Grant sailing from Danzig.

The Alien Passenger Manifest of Józef Dymek – 1921

The Alien Passenger Manifest of Joseph Dymek – 1921

SOURCE:  Manifest, S. S. President Grant, February 1921, stamped 119, line 10, Joseph Dymek, age 23; “Passenger Record,” digital images, Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation ( : accessed 30 January 2011).

The image above is cropped to emphasize the relevant information for Joseph Dymek.  Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the Passenger Manifest for Joseph Dymek – 1921.  The manifest states:

  • Joseph Dymek was 23 years, 5 months old and a single male, on list stamped 119, line 10
  • He departed Danzig on board the S.S. President Grant on 28 January 1921
  • He arrived in New York on 16 February 1921
  • He was a farmer and was able to read and write Polish
  • His nationality and his race or people was Polish
  • His last permanent residence was Poland
  • He listed his mother, Bron. [Bronisława] Dymek of Dymki, Poland as his nearest relative or friend in the country from which he came
  • His final destination was Utica, New York and he had a ticket to his final destination
  • His passage was paid by the government and he was in possession of at least $50
  • He had been in the United States before in 1913 and 1918
  • He was going to join his brother-in-law Mike Leszczynski [husband of his sister Bronisława] at 709 Warren Street, Utica, New York
  • He did not intend to return to Poland, but rather intended to remain permanently in the United States and become a citizen
  • He was never in prison, not a polygamist, not an anarchist, not under contract for labor, of good health, and not deformed
  • He was 5 feet, 6 inches tall, with fair complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes, with no marks of identification
  • He was born in Dymki, Poland

The location in which Joseph Dymek was born was most likely Dymki, Kolno Powiat, Łomża Gubernia, Vistula Land, Russian Empire.  This manifest is a list of soldiers who fought in World War I as part of Haller’s Polish Army in France.

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