The Alien Passenger Manifest of Józef Dymek – 1913

Józef Dymek, son of Józef Dymek and Bronisława Gołaś arrived in the United States at New York on 06 October 1913 aboard the S.S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm sailing from Bremen.

The Alien Passenger Manifest of Józef Dymek - 1913

The Alien Passenger Manifest of Józef Dymek – 1913

SOURCE:  Manifest, S. S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm, October 1913, list 8, line 13, Jozef Dymek, age 18; “Passenger Record,” digital images, Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation ( : accessed 29 January 2011).

The image above is cropped to emphasize the relevant information for Józef Dymek.  Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the Passenger Manifest for Józef Dymek – 1913.  The manifest states:

  • Josef [Józef] Dymek was an 18 year old single male listed on list 8, line 13
  • He departed Bremen on board the S.S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm on 23 September 1913
  • He arrived in New York on 06 October 1913
  • He was a farm laborer and was not able to read or write
  • His nationality was Russia and his race or people was Polish
  • His last permanent residence was Dymki, Russia
  • He listed a friend Al Dymek of Dymki, Lomza as his nearest relative or friend in the country from which he came
  • His final destination was Worcester, Mass and he had a ticket to his final destination
  • His passage was paid by his sister and the amount of money he had with him is illegible
  • He had never been in the United States before
  • He was going to join his sister, Boles. Dymek on 2 Meade St., Worcester, Mass.
  • He was never in prison, not a polygamist, not an anarchist, not under contract for labor, of good health, and not deformed
  • He was 4 feet, 10 inches tall, with fair complexion, blond hair, and blue eyes, with no marks of identification
  • He was born in Dymki, Russia

The location from which Józef Dymek came was most likely Dymki, Kolno Powiat, Łomża Gubernia, Vistula Land, Russian Empire.

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  1. Richard Fox says:

    My grandmother Katarzyna Piecuch age 23 with her two sons Karol age 3 and Michal age 11 months came over on the same ship and date that Jozef Dymek arrived on. I believe on arrival Karol was put into the hospital and all were classified as LPC on Oct 9th. On Oct. 15th they had a rehearing . On Oct 21st Karol was released from the hospital at 1:30 pm and the family was admitted at 1:41. The father Jan Piecuch was there to pick them up. At this point I do not have any more records for Karol. The rest of the family grew by 10 more children and lived there lives out in Cleveland Ohio. There are no surviving family members that have any knowledge of Karol. I have tried a number of genealogy programs and at a dead end. Any suggestions?

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