Administrative Stucture of the Parishes of the Przemyśl Powiat

I am attempting to document the events in my ancestors’ lives with place names that were accurate at the time of the event.  Such an approach has several advantages over using current place names, including the fact that the historical place names help to provide a historical context for my ancestors’ lives.

The Przemyśl Powiat includes the parish of Dubiecko where my Dańko ancestors lived.  The Powiat was part of the Ruthenian Voivodeship (Województwo Ruskie) during the time of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but the area was included in the territory seized by the Habsburg Empire during the first partition of Poland on 05 August 1772.  On 11 August 1804, the Austrian Empire was proclaimed, and on 30 March 1867 the Austro-Hungarian Compromise resulted in the formation of the Empire of Austria-Hungary.  After World War I, the Second Polish Republic was established which lasted until 01 September 1939 when Germany and Russia invaded.  The area of Przemyśl Powiat was incorporated into the General Government for the Occupied Polish Territories.  After World War II, the People’s Republic of Poland was formed and, finally, on 30 January 1990, the Republic of Poland came into existence.

The administrative structure of the Przemyśl Powiat evolved as follows:

  • before 11 Sep 1772: Village, Przemyśl Powiat, Przemyśl Ziemia, Ruthenian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • 11 Sep 1772-1777: Village, Kreis Red Ruthenia, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, Habsburg Monarchy
  • 1777-1803: Village, Kreis Sambor, Przemyśl Bezirk, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, Habsburg Monarchy
  • 1804-15 Nov 1846: Village, Kreis Sanok, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, Austrian Empire
  • 16 Nov 1846-Sep 1865: Village, Kreis Sanok, Lemberg Regierungsbezirk, Austrian Empire
  • Oct 1865-1867: Village, Bezirk Sanok, Lemberg Regierungsbezirk, Austrian Empire
  • 1867-1918: Village, Bezirk Sanok, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, Austria-Hungary
  • 1918-1944: Village, Przemyśl Powiat, Lwów Voivodeship, Second Polish Republic
  • 1939-1944: Village, Przemyśl Secondary District, Kraków District, General Government, Nazi Germany
  • 1945-1998: Village, Przemyśl Powiat, Rzeszów Voivodeship, People’s Republic of Poland
  • 1999-Present: Village, Przemyśl Powiat, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Republic of Poland

The term Kreis means Circle, Powiat is often translated as County, and the term Voivodeship (Województwo) is frequently rendered as Province.  I prefer the terms Kreis, Powiat, and Voivodeship.  The Przemyśl Powiat includes the parish of Dubiecko where my Dańko ancestors lived.

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2 Responses to Administrative Stucture of the Parishes of the Przemyśl Powiat

  1. steve says:

    Good luck… we were in Przemysl last October tracing graves! It’s a lovely place…


  2. Paula Guerin-Howard says:

    Hi Steve,
    My name is Paula and my maternal grandmother is Mary (Danko) Golinski, previously of Worcester, MA and then Millbury, MA. My mother is Josephine Mary, the third daughter of Mary Danko and Paul Golinski. Her sisters are Victoria (my deceased beautiful aunt), and Frances. My uncles are John (who passed away at the end of February) and Joseph. Uncle John Golinski was my godfather. I have looked into your websites after my brother, Bob Guerin told me of it. I have been very excited to read about my ancesters and, have just tonight looked on-line into the Austrian Empire, etc. and the history… and looked on-line to see just where Nienadowa is situated. You make history come to life and I thank you for that.
    I met you about 43 year ago in Albany. I remember you had a sister who was exactly my age. Also, your Dad, “Frankie” (as my Mom called him) let us sleep in the gas station that he owned (Mobil?). We had a tent trailer that we parked at the gas station and since the night was unseasonably cold for summer (40 s), we slept inside on the floor in our sleeping bags!! It was an adventure. The next day after visiting with your family we continued our trip to Lake Champlain! The (Danko)Golinski “clan” is a very tight knit group. My generation and the generation before us (my aunts and uncles) were, and are still are a very “huggy-kissy” group. We girls call ourselves “kissing cousins”. Maybe a little strange to a man, but just a little bit of what will be historical trivia someday maybe (lol). Thank you for starting me on a journey. I shall be checking in with your site every now and then. Best of luck and may God bless you and yours! Paula Mary (Golinski) Guerin-Howard

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