The Birth and Baptism of Franciszek Izbicki

Over the past couple of days, I posted the Birth and Baptismal Record of Dominik Izbicki and Piotr Izbicki. Their father was Franciszek Izbicki, who was born in 1824 and whose record was number 22 in the Birth Register for Wigry Parish that year.

Birth and Baptismal Record for Franciszek Izbicki - 1824

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Franciszek Izbicki -1824

SOURCE: Roman Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in Wigry, Poland. Księga Urodzonych (Book of Births). 1824. Entry Number 22. FHL INTL Film 0752637, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Text in Polish, translated by Stephen J. Danko.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Franciszek Izbicki -1824. The record, translated from the Polish, states:

22 Nowa Wieś

In the year one thousand twenty four on the second day of the month of April at ten o’clock in the afternoon, before us, the Civil Registrar of the Wigierski gmina [township] in the obwód [district] and województwo [province] of Augustów. Bartłomiej Izbicki presented himself, a farmer, age thirty-eight, living in Nowa Wieś, and he showed us a child of the male sex who was born in his house at number seven on the first day of April of the current year, stating that it was begotten of him and Katarzyna née Kramnitzówna, age thirty, the wife by his first marriage, and that it is his wish to give him the name Franciszek. After making the above statement and showing the child in the presence of Franciszek Jarasiewski, age thirty-four and also of Jan Anuskiewicz, age fifty, farmers living in Nowa Wieś in the Wigierski gmina. The present birth record was read aloud to the declarants and was signed by us, the registrar, since the father and witnesses cannot write. 

Reverend Felix Nareszewicz
Registrar of the Civil State

The format of this record is a bit different than the format used for the Birth and Baptismal Records for Dominik and Piotr Izbicki and many of the other Birth and Baptismal Records I’ve seen before from this area of Poland. Consequently, I had a bit of difficulty translating this record. In the end, I think I was able to figure out all the words, despite the fact that the handwriting in this record is fairly difficult to read.

Complicating the difficult handwriting are the facts that the Polish in these records doesn’t always have the correct diacritical marks, is almost entirely devoid of punctuation, sometimes uses archaic words or spellings, and often refers to obsolete administrative divisions.

One point I had a question about is: since the mother is listed as “Katarzyna of the Kramnitz family”, should I list her maiden name as Kramnitzówna?

I also noticed that the name of the village in which Franciszek Izbicki was born is listed at the top of the record as Wies Nowa. Today, the village is called Nowa Wieś. Which should I enter in my genealogy software – Wies Nowa or Nowa Wieś?

Two dates are provided in this record for the date of birth and date of baptism. The earlier date is entered according to the Julian Calendar used in Russia at the time. The later date is entered according to the Gregorian Calendar used in Poland at the time and still used today in most of the world.

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