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Cheryl Palmer asked me to post something she wrote to commemorate the first anniversary of my blog. Cheryl was the very first person to post a comment on my blog on April 18, 2006, the same day I wrote my first article. As the first person to post a comment, I think it’s appropriate for Cheryl to write a GuestBlog to launch my second year. Thanks, Cheryl!

I hope I am the first to congratulate Steve on the one-year anniversary of his blog site! I believe the first day he posted his site was April 18, 2006.

I “met” Steve through an online genealogy class. Even though we live approximately 45 minutes from each other, we have yet to meet in person. Through our class I found Steve to be friendly and helpful. I instantly took a liking to him! Several of our classmates still stay in touch and we have a great rapport. Through one of our communications on that particular site, Steve mentioned he was contemplating starting his own site. With some encouragement, and I don’t think he needed much; he had his site up and running.

I have followed his site and watched it grow. He has accomplished in one year what I wish I could accomplish in maybe, 5 years? A week or so ago, I was searching through his site, mostly at some of his beginning postings. The beginnings of anything you choose to do are always a little nerve racking, wondering how to accomplish what you wish to accomplish. I am sure Steve had his concerns about how to do this and make it work the way he wanted to.

He has shared the information of his family, along with many pictures and always with   sources. He has taught many of us, but I am not sure he knows how much he has actually done that.

Steve has devoted time every day to post to his blog, even when he had a guest blog; he was the one who posted it! He is making quite a name for himself with this site. I find his name almost everywhere I go on the Internet, concerning genealogical blogs and such. He has been praised for his work from accomplished professionals and us amateurs alike. He has had “guest” appearances on pod casts, and in other blogs. His blog link is located in most blogs I attend.

Steve has “met” a lot of people through this site. Many doors have opened for him. From new family to bloggers to pros, he has gotten around!

I personally do not have Polish ancestors, but I have to tell you, I keep up with Steve’s site as much as possible. I enjoy his site; he is so organized, dedicated and professional. He is a hard worker and thoroughly enjoys what he is doing, and it is obvious. I learn, share his frustration, joy and accomplishment. I appreciate all his hard work and the fact that he chooses to share with us. I love the pictures, the “sharing” of his trips, and what he learns as he goes along.  

Yes, I am a Steve Danko fan, and congratulate him on one marvelous year! I look forward to reading his blogs, and I try to do that daily. As long as they are free, I will be there! 😉

Thank you Steve for your contribution to the genealogy world. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed your site! Here’s to another fantastic year, can’t wait to see what it will unfold!


Cheryl Palmer

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2 Responses to Guest Blog from Cheryl Palmer

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    What a nice article. It was a great piece about Steve and his blog and so appropriate from the first person to write a comment. You and I have often chatted about how busy he is…nobody can keep up with him!

    Although the readers now know how close you live to each other, they don’t know that he checked out the house I used to live in, in Alameda, California, not too far from Steve. Not only did he take photos of this house, where I lived until 1954, (I live in Massachusetts) but since it was for sale, he located the realtor’s web site, which had interior photos for me to see. They brought back very nice memories.

    Another quick thing to share with the genealogy world. Last August, while attending the FGS conference in Boston, I attended a lecture on Blogs by Drew Smith. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and there was Steve’s blog up on the screen. It was part of the lecture!

    Cheryl, your article wasn’t just nice, it was in fact superb. Thanks for writing it and thanks Steve to you too for many nice memories. You have helped all of us in the online genealogy class and many more who read your blog.

  2. Melanie F. says:

    Wonderful column. Thanks for reminding us of his anniversary.
    May I just add my congrats to you on your anniversary! I love the way your family becomes “my family” as I read your blog. You are so good at making these “names” turn into real people that I anxiously wait for the next day to see what happened to them. I know I’m supposed to see how methodical you are when you search them out and confirm their info and I do learn from you every day. Thanks for doing this. Even though I have no polish roots, (yet) I love coming here and reading this blog. I’m glad I “met” you in the online genealogy class and am PROUD of you and your work. Whenever I see or hear your name brought up, I say to myself, “I knew him when…..”

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