Heading to Salt Lake City

Tonight, I’m flying to Salt Lake City to spend two days at the Family History Library (my annual spring trip). 2007 is the off-year for the United Polish Genealogical Societies Conference (held in Salt Lake City in even-numbered years in the spring); so, for me, I’ll be able to spend two entire days in the Family History Library with no interruptions.

I have a number of goals for this trip, including:

  • Find records for the Polish ancestors of the Izbicki family
  • Trace the Sicilian ancestors for a client (should be fun, I’ve never looked into Italian or Sicilian records before)
  • Track down the Vermont vital records for some elusive members of the Gibson family
  • Look up some Canadian census records for the Gibson family

I printed out film numbers for the microfilms I plan to view; and, two weeks ago, I emailed a request for the staff to pull five films from the vault so they would be available while I’m in Salt Lake City.

I’ll also get to see first-hand how the Family History Library patrons are dealing with the recent discontinuation of full access to Ancestry.com.  In recent years, the census area on the second floor was all but abandoned since it was so much easier to just search the census on Ancestry.com.

In the past, it seemed like whatever records I decided to copy at the Family History Library were made available online within a few months of my visit. I don’t expect to see the Sicilian or Polish records online anytime soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional years of the Canadian Census online in the coming months.

Reminder to myself: Don’t forget to bring the thumb drive this time!

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3 Responses to Heading to Salt Lake City

  1. Jasia says:

    Good Luck Steve!

  2. Barbara Poole says:

    You wear me out, just by reading what you do. Correction, to the Gibson in the 1831 St. Armand census, he is on pg. 1223 not 1225, just in case you are going to check that Canadian census. Have fun, and can’t wait to read what you write.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, Jasia and Barbara!

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