The Birth and Baptism of Jan Dańko – 1824

The third child of Wojciech Dańko and Rozalia Chruścicka was born in 1824 and was named Jan. His record is in the middle of the image shown below, the first child born in Nienadowa in December of that year.

Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Danko - 1824

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Dańko

SOURCE: Roman Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Dubiecko, Poland. Liber Natorum et Baptisatorum (Book of Births and Baptisms). 1824. Jan Dańko. Text in Latin, translated by Stephen J. Danko.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Dańko. The record, translated from the Latin, states:

  • Jan Dańko was born on 11 Dec 1824, in house number 140 in Nienadowa, a boy legitimately born to a Catholic family and delivered by the midwife Zofia Grzegorzkowa
  • He was baptized on the same day by Szymon Musiewicz, assistant pastor of the church in Dubiecko
  • His parents were Wojciech Dańko, a farmer, and Rozalia, daughter of Józef Chróścicki
  • His Godparents (Sponsors) were Kazimierz Chróścicki and Barbara Kazienkowa

Jan’s record bears many similarities to that of his sister Maria’s: both were baptized on the day of their births, both were delivered by the same midwife and baptized by the same priest, and both had the same Godparents.

In Jan’s record, Rozalia’s father was Józef Chróścicki, while in other records, the surname is spelled Chruścicki. In Polish, the letters “ó” and “u” are pronounced in a similar manner, so I’m not surprised to see these two variants in spelling.

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