Map of the East Prussian Village of Piasutten (Piasutno)

Of the two places called Piasutno in the Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i Innych Krajów Słowiańskich (Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and other Slavonic Countries), the second is located in the what the Słownik Geograficzny calls the Szczytno Powiat.  The village of Piasutno (Piasutten in German) is not named on a map of East Prussia from 1882, but it is located about halfway between Schon Damerau and Gr. Puppen.  Today, Schon Damerau is called Trelkowo and Gr. Puppen is called Spychowo.  The Słownik Geograficzny entry for Piasutno was translated in a previous post.

Map of the Piasutno Area – 1882

Map of the Piasutno Area – 1882

SOURCE:  Blackie & Son Atlas (Edinburgh, 1882), “German Empire, East Prussia 1882”; digital image, The Federation of East European Family History Societies, FEEFHS Map Library
( : accessed 12 Feb 2011).

Of interest to me is the proximity of this village to Schon Damerau (or Gross Schöndamerau, or Trelkowo).  My grand uncle Józef Niedziałkowski was married twice, both times in Gross Schöndamerau in the interwar years when the area was still under German control.

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3 Responses to Map of the East Prussian Village of Piasutten (Piasutno)

  1. Gayle Suderman says:

    My grandfather, Paul August Ollech was born in the village of Puppen. I have been unable to trace his father and mother, and their families. Any information that you can provide that will help me trace this family, would be appreciated. Thank you,

    Gayle Suderman

  2. marion spek says:

    My greatgrandmother was born in piasutten, her name is Luiza Dzudzek she is born on 15-2-1877. My greatgrandfather was born in Sdunowen, his name is Friedrich Serafin he is born on 20-1-1873. His father was Samuel Serafin, mother Caroline Roch. Their religion was Evangelish. They moved to Gelsenkirchen-Buer where my grandmother was born. I would like to get as many information as possible. It’s hard to find anything from here online. I would like to know how they lived and maybe why the moved to an other place and maybe there is still family living there.
    Thanks for reading and I hope to here soon.
    Gr. Marion Spek from the netherlands.

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