The Birth and Baptism of Maciej Dańko

Maciej Dańko, son of Wojciech Dańko and Marjanna Jedlińska and brother of my great great grandfather, Pawel Dańko, was born in 1808.  The record of his baptism is the fourth on the page from the Book of Births and Baptisms of the parish in Dubiecko.

Birth and Baptismal Record for Maciej Danko

Birth and Baptismal Record for Maciej Dańko

SOURCE: Roman Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Dubiecko, Poland. Liber Natorum et Baptisatorum (Book of Birth and Baptism). 1808. Text in Latin, translated by Stephen J. Danko.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record for Maciej Dańko.  The record states that:

  • Maciej Dańko was born in house number 161 in Nienadowa
  • He was baptized on 01 Jan 1808 in the church in Dubiecko
  • His parents were Wojciech Dańko and Marjanna Jedlińska
  • His Godparents (Sponsors) were Pawel Jedliński and Marjanna Markoska
  • A notation was made that on 14 Jun 1882 he was in house number 59

The register notes that he was baptized on the same date as the entry above, meaning 01 Jan 1808.  No clear notation was made of the date of his birth, which may actually have been a day or two earlier, but could also be the same day as the baptism.

The baptismal records for this time period provide minimal information.  No notation of the names of the grandparents, the name of the priest who performed the baptism, or the name of the midwife was made.

The far right side of the record was cut off in this image.  The missing portion describes the occupations of the Godparents.

In dealing with names in the records from the former Galicia (Austria Poland), I always translate the names from Latin to Polish for my reports. In this record, the translations of the names are:

Mathias (Latin) = Maciej (Polish) = Matthew (English)
Adalbertus (Latin) = Wojciech (Polish) = Adalbert, Albert, George (English)
Marjanna (Latin) = Marjanna (Polish) = Marianna (English)
Paulus (Latin) = Pawel (Polish) = Paul (English)

As in many of the Dańko records from Dubiecko, there is a notation that Maciej was living in a different house at some later date.  Curiously, not all baptismal records include such a notation.  In particular, on this page, only the record of Maciej Dańko includes this notation.

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