The Marriage of Czesław Pszczółkowski and Józefa Skowrońska

Józefa Skowrońska, the daughter of Franciszek Skowroński and Małgorzata Podeszwa, married Czesław Pszczółkowski in 1908 in Gardner, Massachusetts.

The Marriage Record for Czeslaw Pszczolkowski and Jozefa Skowronska

The Marriage Record for Józefa Skowrońska and Czesław Pszczółkowski

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Marriages Registered in the Town of Gardner for the Year 1908. Volume 580, Page 311, No. 90. Czesław Pszczółkowski and Józefa Skowrońska.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for Józefa Skowrońska and Czesław Pszczółkowski.  The record states that:

  • The marriage was recorded in Volume 580, Page 311, Number 90 of the marriage registers for the town of Gardner, Massachusetts in 1908
  • Azislaw Psczilkowski, age 21, residing in Gardner and working as a Sander, was born in Russia, the son of John Psczilkowski and Julija Korder
  • Jozefa Skoweronska, age 17 residing in Gardner and working as a Weaver, was born in Russia, the daughter of Kazimierz Skoweronska and Adela Podeska
  • The couple was married on 26 Oct 1908 by John F. McDermott, a Roman Catholic Clergyman in Gardner
  • This was the first marriage for each of them
  • The marriage was recorded on 27 Oct 1908

As I’ve often found in these hundred-year-old vital records from Massachusetts, this record includes a number of errors:

  • Azislaw Psczilkowski should be spelled Czesław Pszczółkowski
  • Jozefa Skoweronska should be spelled Józefa Skowrońska
  • John Psczilkowski should be spelled Jan Pszczółkowski
  • Julija Korder should be spelled Julianna [Kordek?]
  • Kazmierz Skoweronska should be Franciszek Skowroński
  • Adela Podeska should be [Małgorzata?] Podeszwa

All other records I have for the Skowroński family indicate that the given name of Józefa’s father should be Franciszek, not Kazmierz.  Józefa’s mother should probably be Małgorzata, not Adela, although most records show her name anglicized to Margrette.

Why would the names of Józefa’s parents be so far off?  Perhaps one reason is that both of her parents were deceased at the time of her marriage.  Her father died when she was very young and her mother died earlier in 1908.  In addition, Józefa was only 17 years old when she was married.  Perhaps Józefa simply didn’t know the correct names of her parents.

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6 Responses to The Marriage of Czesław Pszczółkowski and Józefa Skowrońska

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    Hi Steve,
    It is nice to see that you are using the newer vital records of Massachusetts that NEHGS has online. When do you have time? I need to get going on mine, so maybe yours can be my incentive. Anyway, in looking at the marriage records, I was surprised to see that Gardner was such a melting pot of people…Russia, Italy, Gardner, etc.

    Do you copy these images into FTM as well? If not, how are you saving them…in a Word Doc, PDF or something else?

  2. Hi Barbara,

    I’m anxiously waiting for the NEHGS to post the 1911-1915 Massachusetts Vital Records now that they have the films. There are a lot of records for my family in that time period.

    I remember you told me that Family Tree Maker has difficulties dealing with images attached to the FTM file since those images actually become part of the file and significantly increase the file size. Because of that, I no longer attach images to my FTM file. I save the images as JPG files, and I also save them in word documents and PDF files.

    I recently purchased an external hard drive to backup my computer in case of disaster, but all these images I post to my blog are also backed up on the Yahoo! servers, since Yahoo! hosts my blog. I’ve heard a few horror stories recently about people whose hard drive crashed and who lost everything, so I’ve become increasing concerned about backups.


  3. Barbara Poole says:

    Steve, then I gather you got those images when you were in Boston last year or at SLC? I was at NEHGS yesterday, and saw the rolls of film. If there is something you really can’t wait to check out, I could look it up for you…we can discuss through email. Year, vol. and page is all I need, oh and the name!

    I’ve never attached an image to a FTM file, other than photos for the scrapbook, is this the same thing you are talking about? They are all removed now. Thanks for the explanation on how you save all your information. You will get my article tomorrow, it is along the line of your last paragraph.

  4. I download images of Massachusetts Vital Records up through 1910 from the NEHGS website, but I have to get images of later records from either the Massachusetts State Archives or the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. Since the Archives and the Registry of Vital Records don’t have facilities to provide electronic images, I have to scan paper copies when I get home in order to generate the electronic images.

    I do, indeed, need some 1911-1915 Massachusetts Vital Records! I’ll email the details to you. Thanks so much for the offer – since I live 3000 miles from the NEHGS, it’s difficult for me to get there very often!

    I’m worried that attaching images of documents to the source citation will cause the same problem you had with the photos, so I’m not going to attach any sort of photo or document image to my FTM file. My FTM file is large enough as it is!

  5. Julie says:


    How are you related to the Pszczolkowski family? Why I ask is that Józefa (Josephine) Skowrońska and Czesław (Chester) Pszczółkowski were my grandparents. The Carlburg baby buried with my grandparents was Chester and Josephine’s daughter’s (Teressa) child – born dead at birth. My mother told me that my grandmother’s father did die when she was very young but her mother remarried. He was a brutal man and we think that her mother took Josephine and came to America to escape him. She died not long after they got here. My grandfather, Chester lived across the street from her. They married and had 10 children, my mother was second to the youngest.

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Julie,

    I’m not directly related to the Pszczolkowski family, but two of my uncles married daughters of Alexander Skowronski (Jozefa’s brother). So, you are the cousin of my cousins.


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