The Death of Alexander F. Skowronski

Alexander Skowronski died in 1970, seven years after his wife’s passing.

 Certificate of Death for Alexander F. Skowronski - 1970

Certificate of Death for Alexander F. Skowronski – 1970

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Standard Certificate of Death. City of Worcester. 1970. Volume Unknown. Page 33. Alexander F. Skowronski. Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Certificate of Death for Alexander F. Skowronski.  The record states:

  • Alexander F. Skowronski, of 101 Burbank Road, Sutton, Massachusetts, died in Hahnemann Hospital, Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts on 04 Jan 1970 at 6:35 m
  • He died of Cor pulmonale (for years), due to pulmonary fibrosis + emphysema (for years), due to chronic bronchitis and pneumonia (for years and days)
  • Another significant condition was inactive tuberculosis
  • He had been in his place of residence for 20 years and at his place of death for 1 day before death
  • The Medical Certificate of Death was signed by Francis X. Dufault, M.D. of 328 Highland Street on 04 Jan 1970
  • Alexander was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester on 07 Jan 1970 by Henry Funeral Service by Henry V. Karolkiewicz, 33 Ward Street, Worcester
  • The Certificate of Death was received and filed on 05 Jan 1970 by Robert J. O’Keefe
  • Alexander was a white male, widower after Frances Dymek
  • He was 82 years, 11 months, and 2 days old at death
  • He had worked as a molder in a foundry before death
  • His Social Security Number was 024-01-8678 A
  • He was born in Poland, son of Francis Skowronski and Margaret Podeswa, both born in Poland
  • The informant was his daughter, Mrs. Helen F. Danko of 71 Esther St., Worcester, Massachusetts
  • On 05 Jan 1970, Arnold Zuruntz, the Commissioner of Public Health, certified that a satisfactory certificate of death was filed

I noticed that the time of death was listed as 6:35 m, with no indication of whether the death occurred in the AM or PM.  I further noticed that the Social Security Number is listed followed by the letter “A”.  I don’t know what this designation means.

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5 Responses to The Death of Alexander F. Skowronski

  1. karen miller says:

    Hi Steve,
    My mat grandfather, alex skowronski, died in the am. I remember that day clearly.

  2. Thanks, Karen! The death certificate didn’t show whether he died at 6:35 AM or PM, so the extra information helps.

  3. nadine k (skowronski) Brewer says:

    The skowronski family history is one that I did not know. This is very interesting to learn. MY grandfather was Edward Skowronski the son of Alexander Skowronski. I would love to help you in doing the next generations of the skowronski family. We also have children of our own who someday would love to look at this. I also wondered about the gravestones you have on this site. You dont have my grandfathers stone on here. If you need help in getting a photo I would love to do that for you. I live in Gardner MA and didnt relize my family started right here with Alexander and his wife (My great gandparents). Thank you Thank you Thank you for my family history.

  4. Irina says:

    My Skowronski family, also with Edward as a grandfather, is from CT. My father in law does a lot of ancestry research.. if its the same family I know he’d love to share!

  5. Paul F Skowronski says:

    The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number. These codes are used once you apply for benefits. The letter codes may appear on correspondence you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card. They will never appear on a Social Security card.
    Code A is Primary claimant (wage earner).

    I post this 41.5 years after my grandfather Alexander’s death.
    He was the primary wage earner and it would have been correct to use/not use the suffix A.

    I too remember the AM call and followup from Dr. Dufault.

    Steve, I love your website!!!

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