The Death of Frances Skowronski

Alexander Skowronski’s wife, Frances Dymek, died in 1963.  Her death is reported on a Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death, indicating that the cause of death required additional investigation.

Certificate of Death for Frances Skowronski - 1963

Certificate of Death for Frances Skowronski – 1963

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death. City of Worcester. 1963. Volume Unknown. Page 160. Frances Skowronski. Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Certificate of Death for Frances Skowronski.  The record states:

  • Frances Skowronski, of 101 Burbank Road, Sutton, Massachusetts, died in City Hospital, Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts on 22 Jun 1963
  • She had been found unconscious in her home and died of coronary artery disease
  • She had been in her place of residence for 13 years and at her place of death for 2 hours before death
  • The Medical Certificate of Death was signed by Joan O. Ward, M.D. of 978 Main Street on 22 Jun 1963
  • Frances was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester on 25 Jun 1963 by Henry Funeral Service by Henry V. Karolkiewicz, 33 Ward Street, Worcester
  • The Certificate of Death was received and filed on 24 Jun 1963 by Robert J. O’Keefe
  • Frances was a white female, married to Alexander F. Skowronski
  • Her date of birth is not provided, but she was 73 years old at death
  • She had worked as a housewife at home
  • Her Social Security Number was 034-20-0574
  • She was born in Poland, daughter of Jozef Dymek and Bronislawa Golas, both born in Poland
  • The informant was her husband, Alexander Skowronski, of 101 Burbank Road, Sutton, Massachusetts
  • On 24 Jun 1963, G. Frank McGinnis, the Commissioner of Public Health certified that a satisfactory certificate of death was filed

I have some questions about the correct spelling of the maiden name of Frances Skowronski’s mother.  This document states the name was Golas, but I had previously been told the name was spelled Golash.  William F. Hoffman’s book Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings, Second Edition, Revised lists two similar spellings:

Gołas and Gołaś

SOURCE: Hoffman, William F. 1998. Polish surnames : origins and meanings second edition, revised. Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society of America.

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