The Birth of Jean Skowronski

The sixth child of Alexander Skowronski and Frances Dymek was named Jenettie (Jean).  She was born in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  Her birth is recorded on a Copy of Record of Birth, a copy of which I obtained from the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records.

The Birth Record for Jean Skowronski

The Birth Record for Jean Skowronski

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Copy of Record of Birth. City of Worcester. 1917. Jenettie Skowronski. Volume 642, Page 585, Registered Number 1388. Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the Birth Record for Jean Skowronski.  The record shows that:

  • Jenettie Skowronski was a female child of single birth born in Worcester, Massachusetts on 31 Mar 1917
  • Her birth is recorded in Volume 642, Page 585, Registered Number 1388 of the Register of Births for the City of Worcester for the year 1917
  • Her mother was Frances Skowronski, maiden name Frances Dymek, born in Poland and residing in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Her father was Alexander Skowronski, a laborer born in Poland
  • The birth was recorded in Jan 1918

Although the child’s name was Jenettie at birth, she used the name Jean for most of her life.

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