The Birth of Francis Skowronski

The seventh child of Alexander Skowronski and Frances Dymek was named Francis.  He was born in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  His birth is recorded on page 102 of the Birth Register, a copy of which I obtained from the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records.

The Birth Record for Francis Skowronski

The Birth Record for Francis Skowronski

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Return of a Birth. City of Worcester, 1919. Francis Skowronski. Volume Unknown, Page 102, Registered Number 3930. Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.

Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the Birth Record for Francis Skowronski.  The record states:

  • Francis Skowrouski was a male child born alive at 16 Dorchester Street, Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts on 26 Oct 1919
  • His father was Alexander Skowrouski, a 32 year-old, white laborer born in Poland and residing at 16 Dorchester Street, Worcester
  • His mother was Frances Dymek, a 32 year-old, white housewife born in Poland and residing at 16 Dorchester Street, Worcester
  • S. C. Mieczkowksi, M.D. of 8 Richland Street, Worcester personally attended the birth
  • The Return of a Birth was received at the office of the city clerk on 27 Oct 1919 as attested by W. Henry Towne, Registrar

Note that the surname of Francis and his father is spelled as Skowrouski, not Skowronski.  The mother’s name is correctly spelled as Dymek.

The Skowronskis lived at 16 Dorchester Street at this time, just a block from the address of the physician who attended the birth.  Both addresses were close to the addresses of many other families whose children would later marry the Skowronski children.

The area where the Skowronskis lived was the Polish neighborhood on the east side of Worcester, known as “The Island”.  St. Mary’s Church, the Polish parish now known as Our Lady of Częstochowa Church, was just about a block away from the Skowronskis’ residence.

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