The Death of Adam Skowronski

Yesterday I wrote about the Birth Record for Adam Skowronski, the first child of Alexander Skowronski and Frances Dymek.  I also found the Death Record for Adam Skowronski.  It turns out that Adam lived for only four days.

Death Record for Adam Skowronski

The Death Record for Adam Skowronski

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. Return of a Death. City of Worcester. 1906. Volume 41. Page 320. Adam Skowronski.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record for Adam Skowronski.  The record shows that:

  • Adam Skuronsky’s death was Registered No. 211, on page 320 of volume 41 of the Death Records in Gardner, Massachusetts for 1906
  • Adam died at 140 Greenwood Street, Gardner, Massachusetts on 28 Dec 1906, age 4 days
  • Adam was a single, white male, born in Gardner, Massachusetts
  • His father was Alec Skuronsky, born in Russia
  • His mother was Francis Dimak, born in Russia
  • No occupation is given
  • The informant was Alexis Skuronsky of 140 Greenwood St., Gardner
  • Alex was buried at St. John’s Cemetery on 29 Dec 1906 by Ryan Bros. Inc. of Gardner
  • The physician, J.E. Waters, M.D., attended the deceased from 24 Dec 1906 to 28 Dec 1906 and stated that the cause of death was asphyxiation, with the contributing factor of improper care for 4 days
  • The Gardner Town Clerk, Levi W. Wood, filed the Return of a Death on 02 Jan 1907

After the joyous occasion when Adam was born on Christmas Eve, the family must have been devastated when he died four days later.  From the stated cause of death, I suppose that Adam may have suffocated in his crib.

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8 Responses to The Death of Adam Skowronski

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    What a sad death certificate. I am wondering why they went to Gardner, it is such an out of the way place. What did the father do? The city is now known for their furniture outlets.

  2. Barbara Poole says:

    Sorry, I should have paid more attention to yesterday’s entry. I see the father was a laborer.

  3. Barbara, I agree this is one of the saddest Death Certificates I’ve ever seen. The parents were apparently married in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, moved to Gardner, then to Worcester, and then to Sutton. By 1915 the father was working as a moulder in a (cast iron) foundry. After reading your comment, it just occurred to me that I’ve never been able to find the 1910 Census Record for this family. In 1920 and 1930, the family was in Worcester, but before finding the Birth and Death Records for Adam Skowronski, I didn’t realize the family had ever lived in Gardner. I guess I should check the Census for Gardner!

  4. Drew Smith says:

    Steve, one correction: The town clerk is Levi W. Wood. I was able to verify this by checking the 1900 census of Gardner, where his occupation is listed as town clerk.

  5. Thanks Drew! I hadn’t thought of trying to look up the town clerk in the census. Corrections are always gladly accepted!

  6. nadine k (skowronski) Brewer says:

    This is my geat great grandparents that you are talking about here. I didnt even know the family history. Thanxxx

  7. Hi Nadine,

    You’re welcome! If you want to view all the posts I’ve written about the Skowronskis, you can click on the Skowronski name in the categories list on the right, or you can type the name Skowronski in the search box on the main page and click on the search button. To make sure you’re on the main page, first click the title of the blog “Steve’s Genealogy Blog”. If you try to use the search function on anything except the main page, the search will only work on the open pages.


  8. Karen miller says:

    Adam most likely died of SIDS & not improper care. A SIDS diagnosis was unheard of at this time. Too bad ‘improper care’ had to be listed as cause of death. I’m sure it was used on death certificates in those days when an infant died of unknown causes. It was just not fair to the many heartbroken parents.

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