The Grave of William P. and Mary V. Izbicki

I have written about the Izbicki family, and I’ve shown birth records for several members of the family.  One family member for whom I don’t have a birth record is Bolesław Izbicki, although I know Bolesław was born in Worcester in 1903.

I looked through my files of gravestone photographs today and found a photograph of the grave marker for William P. and Mary V. Izbicki.  William P. Izbicki was born with the name Bolesław, but, like his father, he used the name William for most of his life.

Cemetery Marker for William P and Mary V Izbicki

The Grave of William P. and Mary V. Izbicki

SOURCE: William P. and Mary V. Izbicki grave marker, Garden of Valor I, Lot 3, Graves 3 & 4, Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton (Worcester County), Massachusetts, photographed by Stephen J. Danko, 09 Sep 2005.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the overall map for Worcester County Memorial Park and a detailed map for the Garden of Valor. 

This marker shows that William P. Izbicki was born in 1903 and died in 1976.  He was buried on 05 Jun 1976 in Grave 3.  His wife, Mary V., was born in 1900 and died in 1993.  She was buried on 04 May 1993 in Grave 4.  The marker includes the inscription “TOGETHER FOREVER”.

Worcester County Memorial Park only permits markers that are flush with the ground.  The small round object at the top of the marker is a vase in which fresh flowers may be placed.  When the vase is not in use, the vase is turned upside-down and inserted into the marker so that it, too, is level with the ground.

From June through December, the cemetery provides an area where fresh flowers may be picked in order to place flowers on the graves.

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