The Marriage of Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk

I’ve mentioned before that two of my father’s brothers married two of the Skowronski sisters.  I’ve tried to research the Skowronski family, but I’ve run into a few problems, including an uncertainty of the location of the ancestral village of the family and a disturbing uncertainty of some of the family relationships.

Yesterday, I received a message from Louise, whose husband is a cousin to my two Skowronski aunts.  Louise provided me with a few key pieces of information about the family that allowed me to remove most of the Skowronski records from my “may be related” file and add them to the family tree.

One of these records is the marriage of Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk.

Marriage Record for Pawel Skowronski and Marjanna Zaborczyk

The Marriage Record for Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk

SOURCE: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Marriages Registered in the Town of Gardner for the Year 1909. Volume 588, Page 326, No. 134. Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk.  The record states:

  • The marriage was recorded in Volume 588, Page 326, Number 134 of the marriage registers for the town of Gardner, Massachusetts in 1909
  • Pawel Skowronski, age 20, residing in Gardner and working as a Chairmaker, was born in Poland, the son of Franciszek Skowronski and Malgorzata Parzyk
  • Marjanna Zaborczyk, age 20, residing in Gardner and working at home, was born in Poland, the daughter of Piotr Zaborczyk and Marjanna Gawkozawka
  • The couple was married on 09 Oct 1909 by Julius Rodziewicz, a priest in Gardner
  • This was the first marriage for each of them
  • The marriage was recorded on 13 Oct 1909

I had always read that Pawel’s mother was Margrette Podeswa.  This record lists her name as Małgorzata Parzyk.  The correct Polish spelling of the first name is Małgorzata, but I’m not sure about the last name.

Based on the information that Louise gave me yesterday, I am confident that this is the correct Marriage Record for the correct family.  However, the names of Marjanna’s parents don’t match the information Louise provided.  The best way to resolve these inconsistencies will be to find the Baptismal Record for Marjanna Zaborczyk in Poland.

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3 Responses to The Marriage of Pawel Skowroński and Marjanna Zaborczyk

  1. Mar Janna Dahl says:

    I was wondering if you have any information on the origin of the name marjanna.

  2. The Polish name Marjanna is an archaic spelling. These days, the “j” is replaced with an “i”, so that today the name is spelled Marianna. In Poland, the names Marja, Maria, Marjanna, and Marianna are often interchangeable, so that you’ll sometimes see the name spelled one way on one document and a different way on a diffrent document.

  3. the correct spelling o malgorzata’s last name is podeszwa

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