The Birth and Baptism of Jadwiga Dańko

My great grandfather, Jakub Dańko, had several brothers and sisters, including Jadwiga, born in 1847.  Her Birth and Baptismal Record is the third from the top in the image below:

Birth and Baptismal Record for Jadwiga Danko

The Birth and Baptismal Record for Jadwiga Dańko

SOURCE: Roman Catholic Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Dubiecko, Poland. Liber Natorum et Baptisatorum (Book of Birth and Baptism). 1847. Page Unknown, Entry Number 43. Text in Latin, translated by Stephen J. Danko.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record for Jadwiga Dańko.  Translated from the Latin, the record states that:

  • Jadwiga Dańko was born and baptized on 09 Sep 1847
  • Her birth was the 43rd birth in Nienadowa that year and she was born in house number 158 there
  • She was a legitimately born, Roman Catholic girl
  • Her father was Pawel Dańko, farmer
  • Her mother was Zofia, the daughter of Andrzej Szymański
  • Her Godparents were Marcin Tanowski and Zofia, the wife of Jan Wajdowicz, farmer from Nienadowa
  • The district midwife who delivered Jadwiga was Katarzyna Kazienkowa, who signed the record with her mark (X)
  • Jadwiga was baptized by Karol Poprawski, Parish Assistant
  • A notation on the record shows that she apparently moved on 16 Aug 1878 [to house number?] 90

The more I look at these records from Galicia, the better I’m able to translate the Latin.  In these records, the priest often abbreviates words, complicating the translation.

I’m more convinced now that the notations I’ve seen that begin with “Extra” indicate that the individual moved to a new house.  In Jadwiga’s case, she was born in 1847 in house number 158.  In 1878, when she would have been 31 years old, she apparently moved to house number 90.

While not a common notation among the Dubiecko Parish Baptismal Records I’ve seen, the Baptismal Records of several of Jakub Dańko’s brothers and sisters show this type of notation:

  • Agnieszka – Extra 28 May 1881 No. 50
  • Daughter Jadwiga – Extra 16 Aug 1878 No. 90
  • Jakub – Extra 14 Aug 1878 No. 84
  • Katarzyna – no notation
  • Marianna – no notation
  • Pawel – no notation
  • Szymon – Extra 14 Aug 1878 No. 88
  • Tomasz – no notation

Notice that three of the notations were made in August 1878 and one was made in May 1881.  This suggests to me that some event occurred in 1878 that forced the family members to move.  At this point, I don’t know what that event would have been.

Finally, take a look at the Birth and Baptismal Record just above Jadwiga’s record in the image above.  This record shows the baptism of Rozalia Dańko, daughter of Andrzej Dańko and Jadwiga Panowska.  Rozalia’s Godfather is Pawel Danko, my great-great grandfather.  Andzrej is Pawel’s younger brother.

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