In Trouble with the Law (Part 16 of 18)

Continuing with the court record of the case of Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, let’s examine the sixteenth page of the record: ”Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.58v. The soap opera continues.

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.58v

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.58v

SOURCE: Klonowo, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste,” sygn.107, k.58v, Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, 1756; Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland.

Translated from Latin to Polish, and then from Polish to English, the record states:

… in the church and held her for several weeks in her house, and her mother recovered her, taking advantage of the absence of the Grabowskis, for which the daughter later had a quarrel with her, while Ignacy Niedziałkowski challenged his stepfather, Wojciech Grabowski, to a duel.
For all this, Ignacy Niedziałkowski and his wife Zofia Kamińska were sentenced by a local court to imprisonment on Monday after the fourth Sunday after Easter this year in the Ciechanów castle tower for two weeks without interruption, convertible into a quadruple penalty fine of 14 grzywnas to be paid into the hands of Wojciech Grabowski, under penalty of banishment. For taking the wheat, Wojciech Grabowski requested the sum of 14 tynfs from Ignacy Niedziałkowski, which sum was awarded to him together with a fine of 3 grzywnas. Moreover, Ignacy Niedziałkowski was ordered to return things borrowed from Wojciech Grabowski, that is, a vat of beer, a quart bottle, a spade, and 12 poles.  As for Niedziałkowski’s accusations against Grabowski, the sum of 23 tynfs and 3 bushels of wheat, the court did not consent, because the servant of that same Niedziałkowski took Grabowski’s grazing cattle, …

To be continued…

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