In Trouble with the Law (Part 13 of 18)

Continuing with the court record of the case of Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, let’s examine the thirteenth page of the record: ”Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.57r.

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.57r

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.57r

SOURCE: Klonowo, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste,” sygn.107, k.57r, Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, 1756; Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland.

Translated from Latin to Polish, and then from Polish to English, the record states:

… in the local records on Wednesday, the day after the Feast of St. John the Baptist in the year 1704, and occupied by the heirs of Andrzej Klonowski, have been restored to Wojciech Grabowski.
On the section called Ulatowizna flats, about eight plots in the field called Wantuch from the Długołęcka border to the meadow between the boundary line of Józef and Maciej Klonowski in the Klonowo estates, mortgaged by Jadwiga Klonowska, daughter of Stanisław and wife of Piotr Ulatowski, in the assistance of the same husband, to Wojciech Długołęcki, son of Jakub, for 20 florins in the local records, on the Tuesday after the Fourth Sunday after Easter in the year 1679, and acquired by Wojciech Grabowski, coheir that Ulatowizna section, and mortgaged by the married couple Piotr Ulatowski and Jadwiga Klonowska to Wojciech Długołęcki, son of the deceased Jakub, similar to the flats of about nine plots in an identical location in the Klonowo estate in the local acts on Friday, the day after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the year 1680, and resold by Kazimierz Klonowski, grandson of the same deceased Wojciech Długołęcki, acting on his own behalf and that of his juvenile brother, to Wojciech Grabowski. These flats were granted to Grabowski.
On the section called Frącowizna, being in legal possession of Wojciech Grabowski, part of a field by Melchior Niedziałkowski [I have no idea what’s going on!].  In the garden, five plots from the rural road through one stop to Rowa between the boundary line of the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Niedziałkowski and Łojowizna, and being in possession of the heirs of the deceased Józef Klonowski, will be cut by half, where one half from the Łojowizna side will be granted to Frącowizna, and the second to Józwowizna.  Next, three plots from Graniczka to the Przasnysz road between Józwowizna and the boundary line of the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Nniedziałkowski, owned by …

To be continued…

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