In Trouble with the Law (Part 10 of 18)

Continuing with the court record of the case of Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, let’s examine the tenth page of the record: ”Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.55v.

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.55v

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.55v

SOURCE: Klonowo, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste,” sygn.107, k.55v, Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, 1756; Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland.

Translated from Latin to Polish, and then from Polish to English, the record states:

… Grabowski in the previous congressional decree, restored to the Łojewizna section, and being in the land of the old parts of Ulatowizna, where a spring or slope is located, going by the Zieliński church road, between the Ulatowizna section and the lands of the heirs of Andrzej Niedziałkowski, occupied by Krzysztof Niedziałkowski, was attached to the Skaskowizna sections of Grabowski. Nevertheless, water from this same source has to serve all owners in the village of Klonowo and neighbors of that village, harmoniously, according to ancient customs.
Also, six plots from Przeczy to the Zieliński church road between the Frącowizna section and the Ulatowizna section [seu?] Łojewizna demanded by Grabowski to the Skasowizna section and besieged by the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Niedziałkowski, were awarded to the same to Wojciech Grabowski.
Also, four plots on the border known as Kak to the Przasnysz road, extending four stops between the boundary line of Długołęcka-Kobus from both sides, contested between Wojciech Grabowski and Mikołaj, son of Walenty, and Walenty, son of the deceased Jakub, both Długołęckis, divided equally between the two parties.
Moreover, the demand of Grabowski for compensation for crops gathered by these Długołęckis from two plots of peas and two of oats, extending one stop …

To be continued…

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