In Trouble with the Law (Part 8 of 18)

Continuing with the court record of the case of Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, let’s examine the eighth page of the record: ”Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.54v.

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.54v

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.54v

SOURCE: Klonowo, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste,” sygn.107, k.54v, Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, 1756; Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland.

Translated from Latin to Polish, and then from Polish to English, the record states:

… defended the transaction in a pledge in the local records on the Monday after the fourth Sunday of Lent in the year 1691 which was completed by Fabian Długołęcki to Józef Klonowski for two plots from the Przasnysz road to the border of Kak near the estates of Długołęka-Klimonty between the boundary line of Stefan Długołęcki and Jan Młodzianowski and for other fields the sum of 15 florins to whom these three plots after examining the matter and the testimony of the neighbors, the court granted the right to Grabowski.
Also plots by Franciszek Klonowski, son of the deceased Wawrzeniec, Jakub Klonowski, son of the deceased Łukasz, ancestors of Wojciech Grabowski in the sum of 14 florins, pledged in the local records on the Thursday after Epiphany in the year 1701, from the Przasnysz road to the Zaliński border between the borderline between Józef Klonowski, both the brother of the pledger and of Adam Klonowski, being partly in the possession of Melchior Niedziałkowski and being cultivated by Wojciech Grabowski, the court awarded to this same Grabowski.  Also another five plots pledged, but occupied by the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Niedziałkowski, and owned by the heirs of Józef Klonowski, the court awarded to these same heirs of Klonowski.
Also 10 spring plots from the Przasnysz road to the border of Zaleński between the borderline of Długołęcka-Kobus from both sides, and being in the possession of the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Niedziałkowski, while claimed by Wojciech Grabowski to be connected to parts of Skaskowizna, the court awarded half to …

To be continued…

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