The Marriage of Bernard J. Izbicki and Josephine I. Maslowski

Before marrying my cousin Anastasia Rita Meleski, Bernard J. Izbicki married Josephine I. Maslowski.

The Marriage Certificate for Bernard J Izbicki and Josephine I Maslowski

The Marriage Certificate for Bernard J. Izbicki and Josephine I. Maslowski

SOURCE:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.
Certificate of Marriage. City of Worcester. 1936. Volume Unknown. Page 178.
Bernard J. Izbicki and Josephine I. Maslowski.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Certificate for Bernard J. Izbicki and Josephine I. Maslowski.  The record states that:

  • Bernard J. Izbicki was a 25 year old white man born and residing in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • He was a Cold Roller, and his parents were Boleslaus Izbicki and Victoria Kruczynski
  • Josephine I. Maslowski was a 22 year old white woman born and residing in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • She was a Sticher and her parents were Stanislaus Maslowski and Agatha Szkutnik
  • They were both single, and this was the first marriage for each of them
  • The intention of marriage was entered at Worcester on 25 Jan 1936, and the certificate was issued on 30 Jan 1936 by Malcolm C. Midgley
  • The wedding was solemnized on 22 Feb 1936 in St. Mary’s Church in Worcester by John F. Mieczkowski, a priest residing at 15 Richland St., Worcester, Massachusetts
  • The certificate was received by the city or town clerk, Malcolm C. Midgley on 11 Mar 1936, the Registered No. was 178 and the Intention No. was 74
  • The certificate also notes the page number 464 in the Volume of the Marriage Records for Worcester in 1936

Bernard Izbicki later married Anastasia Rita Meleski in the same church.  Bernard was divorced and Anastasia Rita was widowed at the time.  The question now is, did Bernard Izbicki and Josephine Maslowski obtain a divorce?  If they did, how did Bernard and Anastasia Rita manage to be married in the Roman Catholic Church?

Another possibility is that Josephine died and Bernard remarried outside the Catholic Church.  If that happened, the Catholic Church would not have recognized the marriage outside the Church and Bernard would have been free to remarry.

On my to-do list:  look for a possible death of Josephine, look for a possible divorce of Bernard and Josephine, and look for another possible marriage of Bernard between his marriage to Josephine and his marriage to Anastasia Rita.

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