The Marriage of George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki

Continuing with the marriages of the siblings of Bernard Izbicki, Bernard’s sister Victoria was married in 1935.

The Certificate of Marriage for George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki

The Certificate of Marriage for George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki

SOURCE:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Registry of Vital Records and Statistics.
Certificate of Marriage. City of Worcester. 1935. Volume Unknown. Page 391.
George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for George Card and Victoria Izbicki – 1935.  The record shows that:

  • George W. Card was a 27 year old white man born in New Haven, Connecticut and residing in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • He was a greaser, and his parents were Henry R. Card and Mary E. Connors
  • Victoria Izbicki was a 26 year old white woman born and residing in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • She was a seamstress, and her parents were William D. Izbicki and Victoria Kruczynska
  • They were both single, and this was the first marriage for each of them
  • The intention of marriage was entered at Worcester on 08 Aug, and the certificate was issued on 13 Aug 1935 by Malcolm C. Midgley
  • The wedding was solemnized on 07 Sep 1935 in St. Mary’s Church in Worcester by B. A. Bojanowski, a priest residing at 15 Richland St., Worcester, Massachusetts
  • The certificate was received by the city or town clerk, Malcolm C. Midgley on 10 Sep 1935, the Registered No. was 1129 and the Intention No. was 1054
  • The certificate also notes the page number 391 in the Volume of the Marriage Records for Worcester in 1935

In this record, Victoria’s father is listed as William D. Izbicki, rather than Bolesław Izbicki.  Bolesław often used the alias William after he arrived in the United States.  This is the first record in which I’ve seen a middle initial for him, though.  I don’t know what the D. stands for.

The marriage took place in the Roman Catholic St. Mary’s Church in Worcester.  St. Mary’s Church is known today as Our Lady of Częstochowa Church.  At the time George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki were married, the congregation of St. Mary’s Church was mostly Polish, and is still largely Polish today.  Each Sunday, two masses at Our Lady of Chęstochowa Church are still celebrated in the Polish language.

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One Response to The Marriage of George W. Card and Victoria Izbicki

  1. Deacon Thomas A. Lewis says:

    Dear Steve:

    I very much enjoyed your genealogy on the Izbicki family. My grandfather, Alexsander Izbicki came to Norwich, CT from Nowa Wies in 1895. His father was Wojciech Izbicki and his mother was Teofila Gwiazdowska. My grandmother’s name was Josephine Danilowicz and she came from Sobolewo (Suwalki). As a young child, I can remember going to Worcester when my grandfather visited relatives there.
    I have been corresponding with a Tadeusz Izbicki in Warsaw who has done considerable research on the Izbicki family in the Wigry area. I believe he has relatives living in Worcester.
    I have never been able to obtain the birth or baptismal records for my grandfather. I believe he was born around 1871.
    I am a permanent deacon assigned to Saint Joseph Parish (Polish) in Norwich, CT.

    Thanks for all the information on your web site,

    Deacon Tom

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