Immigrant Passenger Manifest for Kajetan Izbicki

The 1910 U.S. Federal Census showed that Kajetan Izbicki, the brother of Bolesław Izbicki, arrived in the United States in 1905.  The passenger manifest for the S.S. Ryndam includes his record.

SS Ryndam

The S. S. Ryndam

Immigrant Passenger Manifest for Kajetan Izbicki

The Passenger Manifest for Kajetan Izbicki

SOURCE:  Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957. National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, Roll 551, List L, Line 10.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Passenger Arrival Manifest for Kajetan Izbicki – 1905.  The record shows:

  • Kajetan Izbicki, a 20-year-old, single male, departed Rotterdam on the S.S. Ryndam on 11 Mar 1905 and arrived in New York on 29 Mar 1905
  • Kajetan was a farm laborer and was able to read and write
  • He was Polish and a citizen of Russia from the village of Piertany
  • He had never been in the US before; his destination was 12 Grosvenor Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, the home of his brother, B. Izbicki
  • Kajetan had a ticket to his destination; passage was paid by his brother; he had with him $10 $25
  • He was never in prison, was not a polygamist or anarchist, and was not coming to the US as a result of any offer or solicitation of employment
  • His health was good, and he was not deformed or crippled

Kajetan did, indeed, go to stay with his brother, Bolesław.  In 1905 Bolesław was living at 12 Grosvenor Street in Worcester.  In 1910, Boleslaw was living with his family and Kajetan at 11 Meade Street in Worcester, just one block from the house on Grosvenor Street.  In May 1910, Kajetan was married.  I have not yet found any records for Kajetan after the record of his marriage.

Kajetan’s village in Poland was spelled Piertany on the Passenger Manifest.  The correct spelling of this village is Piertanie.  Today, Piertanie is located in the far northeast corner of Poland.

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  1. Ellen Sklaroff says:

    DId youy come across any information regarding family of Sherr- mother Deborah, two daughters and a son around five years old from Kiev. The ship may have come from Liverpool. The family had money and did not come steerage..

  2. Kristin Ezbicki says:

    I have been told that my great grandfather’s name was Kajetan Ezbicki, although it may have been Izbicki at the time. The Kajetan Ezbicki I know of settled in Plains PA and worked in the coal mines. Is it possible that this is the same person as the Kajetan Izbicki you are referring to?

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