Summary of Records for the Bolesław Izbicki Family

Bolesław Izbicki and Wiktoria Kruczyńska married in Worcester, Massachusetts and had seven children, all born in Worcester.  I’ve found the Birth Records for four of the children on the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS).  Two of the remaining children are indexed on the NEHGS website, but there are no images available.  I also found a marriage indexed for Wiktoria Kruczyńska but not for Bolesław Izbicki.  Unfortunately there is no image available for this marriage.

Here is a summary of the Records (and potential records) for the Izbicki family:

  • Krucenska Victorzia, Worcester, 1900, volume 502, page 428, marriage
  • Izbiecki John N., Worcester, 1901, volume 510, page 445, birth
  • Izbiecki Boleslavus, Worcester, 1903, volume 534, page 463, birth
  • Jzbicki Leon, Worcester, 1904, volume 544, page 490, birth
  • Jbicki Vadislof, Worcester, 1906, volume 560, page 495, birth
  • Jzbiski Victoria, Worcester, 1908, volume 576, page 512, birth
  • Izbiski Bernard, Worcester, 1910, volume 592, page 514, birth
  • Izbicki, Stanislaw, Worcester, probably 1918

I have published the Birth Records for Leon, Władysław, Wiktoria, and Bernard.  I still need to obtain copies of the records highlighted above in bold.  The first three records are available at the NEHGS and at the Massachusetts State Archives.  The last, the Birth Record for Stanislaw Izbicki, is available at the Worcester Town Clerk’s Office (for $12.00) and the Massachusetts Department of Vital Records and Statistics (for $42.50 by internet, fax, or phone, for $28.00 by mail, or for $18.00 in person).

Ordering records from the Massachusetts State Archives is easy and inexpensive.  The records cost $3.00 each (a bargain) and the citations I have are sufficiently complete that I’m confident I’ll receive the correct records.

The final record, the birth of Stanislaw, is a bit more problematic.  Both the Department of Vital Records and Statistics and the Worcester Town Clerk will only search on a single spelling of the last name.  If I don’t have the same spelling of the surname that appears in the records, I will be charged for the record but receive a “notice of no record found”.  Given the inconsistent spelling of the surname for the other children in the family, I think I’ll just have to wait for my next trip to Boston and search for that record myself.

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